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    Albert Jansen commented  · 

    I am using GTASKS since 2017. Last year with the older version. I was very happy and satisfied with this older (and FREE and UNLIMITED) version. Some months ago I wanted to install this version on the device of my partner as we use this app for the planning of our work. As this older and free version was not available anymore. I needed to buy this new version, so I did; both for me as for my partner. I wrote two times to the developers that even though it is new and not free, it is NOT AN IMPROVEMENT. My biggest problem is that, sorting data on DATE/PRIORITY the fonts are 1) very small and the information is 2) Not anymore collected under "YESTERDAY, TODAY, and DATES like THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY etc." I wished I just did not buy this new version and could have the ooder and free version instead. FORGET ABOUT THIS NEW ONE or Please make a modification, as I wrote them and please respond on my request as I asked as well.

    "You/I have lost a certain level of quality while showing SORT OPTIONS ON DATE.

    In the new version this SORT OPTION has changed into "by date/priority", it was called "by date". The result of this modification is for me (and I suppose for more people) horrible. In fact you sort by date but the dates are hardly readable.

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